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Corso RTA Partner

Oggi parte il corso riguardante le fasi di proposta, consegna e supporto del prodotto RTA- Real Time Analytics , verranno affrontate le metodologie necessarie alla prevendita ed esecuzione delle Demo, le tecniche di vendita, le modalità di installazione del prodotto e le conoscenze tecniche per fornire supporto al cliente 


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Cy4gate is one of the companies collaborating for ECYSAP (European Cyber Situational Awareness Platform) , the largest European cyber defense project to date , led by Indra . This company, as a reference in the field of cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence, has thus become part of a consortium formed by organizations from four countries (Spain, France, Italy and Estonia) .

ECYSAP is a project funded by the Defense Industry Development Funds (EDIDP) and was created with the objective of creating a European platform that makes it easier for military personnel to carry out their work in cyber missions. To do so, this platform incorporates threat response capabilities based on the proper identification, selection, planning and implementation of actions, both at the technological and mission level, while also projecting their behavior over different time horizons.

Through its active role in this project, Cy4gate continues to add initiatives with which it contributes to strengthening cybersecurity and in this case the response capacity of member countries in the face of any cyber threat.


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