Anti-Drone Interception, Acquisition and Neutralization

ADRIAN is the multi-sensor Counter-UAV solution designed to intercept and neutralize micro and mini drone in multiple scenarios and environments through field-proven EW jamming and high jacking techniques.

Immediate Detection means Higher probability and range of Interception

Mini and micro drones are Low-Small-Slow targets that can be operated manually or automatically through navigation system. These factors make the detection difficult. A multi-sensor approach enable the coverage of the different scenarios with these kind of targets

Fast Threat Recognition means Effective Identification of the enemies 

Simple detection does not guarantee the ability to intervene and operator can be overwhelmed by false alarms.

A multi-level approach, considering and exploiting all the stack layers, support an effective recognition and identification of the enemies.

Effective Jamming means Block the enemy far from the protected area

Commercial radio controls implement anti-jamming protocol in order to prevent interferences and the autopilot of the drones are becoming more and more sophisticated.

To get an effective jamming the system shall be flexible enough to handle: (1) general-purpose/specific jamming signals, suitable for generic / specific threats; (2) directive/Omni-jamming, depending on the specific operational requirement; (3) High Power/High Cleanness jamming, according sustainable interference power on friendly communications.