Upgrade your Threat Detection Tools

Real Time Analytics (RTA) is a cyber-security application framework that allows ingestion, processing, enrichment and analysis of different security events. RTA detects cyber security anomalies and establishes the conditions to rapidly strike back.

Proper Big Data Management means Better security

In the last few years, Big Data concepts have been invading IT security world. From the efficient collection, handling and analysis of these threats, derives a stronger security.

Sensors everywhere means Ubiquity 

Smart collection of data and normalization components enables understandable data meaning, rapid detection of any anomaly among billions of data flowing within the system. Raw Network traffic can also be collected and analysed for further analysis.

Visualization and Smart Alerts means more efficient Situation Awareness

 A single point of view for the Analyst allows for more efficient browsing thus helping to detect entities and their relationships. RTA is able to identify relationship network, through visualization tools allowing for a more accurate analysis of threats.