The Company was founded in 2014 to meet an unconventional demand for cyber security. CY4GATE S.p.A., listed on the Euronext Growth Milan since June 2020, from June 2023 it was admitted to listing on the Euronext Milan Star segment.CY4GATE S.p.A. was conceived to design, develop and produce technologies and products, systems and services that are able to meet the most stringent and modern Cyber Intelligence & Cyber Security requirements, as expressed by Law Enforcement Agencies, Armed Forces, Institutions and Companies, both at home and abroad. Representing a unique Italian industrial project, Cy4GATE operates in all facets of the cyber market, with proprietary products that meet the needs for information collection and analysis as well as security: Quipo and Amico, in the world of Cyber Intelligence; RTA, Diateam, CTI and Pronto Cyber in the world of Cyber Security.


Education and awareness are essential keys to the ability to take control of the cyber domain.


Employing threat intelligence is critical to implementing an effective cyber defense strategy.



Protecting the organisation, its know-how and strategic assets with our proprietary tools.

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