DIGILAB is a strategic asset, dedicated to perform digital activities for platform and system analysis, vulnerability management, attack pattern engineering.


It integrates our Cyber Academy offering and aims at building up of a lasting capability on all the aspects of Cyber Warfare that can hardly be achieved by traditional training

Every customer has specific needs and for this reason each DIGILAB is a unique mix of education, training, labs and continuous support for preparing the customer’s missions in the best way

DIGILAB aims to train all the teams to understand how to approach each specific cyber mission and identify the right tools for each specific task

Include all Penetration testing and validation assets that must be used to check the hardware, firmware, software, and also the wireless level for complex systems

Integrate all laboratories and services able to analyze in depth malicious code to define a valid counter-strategy

Support the reverse engineering process to understand how a device or algorithm works

Support Cryptanalysis using reverse engineering and algorithm automation

Integrate a tailored “rockstar” education program that can be designed defining situations and targeted objectives for all the above modules

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