Elettronica Group@Cybertech Europe 2017

ELETTRONICA GROUP has attended Cybertech Europe 2017, one of the world's largest events dedicated to cybersecurity and intelligence solutions, where conferences and meetings took place as well as an exhibition with the latest innovative solutions from the cybernetic scenario.

During the two days of the exhibition, held in Rome in the new “La Nuvola” Convention Center on September 26 and 27, CY4GATE has showcased its capabilities to ensure the highest level of protection from emerging cyber threats to Government Insitutions, Armed Forces, Intelligence Agencies, Companies and critical infrastructures.

CY4GATE also presented a demo of D-SINT (Digital and Spectrum Intelligence System), the integrated Intelligence platform both for Government and civil Cyber Intelligence needs. The platform uses a modular, scalable and open architecture providing all functionalities for analyzing and handling structured and non-structured data from any kind of source.

Cybertech Europe 2017 has been an important opportunity for government officials, technology company executives, start-ups and contractors, investors, leading academics and legal, media and marketing professionals to know CY4GATE’s technologies and services.

As the CEO of CY4GATE Eugenio Santagata said “soon we will have to face a new generation of malaware that will be capable of evolving in real-time in methods, behaviors, and attack strategies in relation to the scenario. To defend ourselves, we must be ready”.


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