• 22/07/2022, News

Cy4gate Group participated for the first time in the ABI Lab consortium meeting for which it has applied for membership .Cy4gate Group will be included among Certfin's cyber advisors and will partner with the competence centers on blockchain and artificia

 CY4GATE group operating in the all-around cyber security and cyber intelligence market, has applied for membership in the ABI Lab Consortium, the Research and Innovation Center for Banking promoted by ABI, and attended its first meeting last week, a joint appointment of the AI Hub and CyKSA (Cyber Knowledge and Security Awareness) Observatory.

The Cy4gate group also, downstream of its membership in the ABI Lab Consortium, will be included among the cyber security advisors of CERTFin, a public-private initiative chaired by ABI and the Bank of Italy that aims to raise the cyber risk management capacity and cyber resilience of the Italian financial system through operational and strategic support for prevention, preparedness and response to cyber attacks and security incidents. The highly specialized structure counts on the participation of a small number of relevant technology players to make an effective contribution thanks to its focus in the field and important track record of research activities in the cyber security domain.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Cy4gate will be able to share its distinctive expertise within a European infosharing network dedicated to the Finance sector and will be able to collaborate in the realization of the Threat Landscape Scenario for the banking and insurance sector.

Emanuele Galtieri, CEO of Cy4gate Group said, "We are pleased to embark on this important collaboration with the ABI Lab Consortium, which aims to implement research projects aimed at deepening new trends to pursue innovation in the banking and finance sector, also through the experimentation of new technologies useful for the bank. Thanks to our experience and recognized expertise we will try to make an important contribution by participating in research centers focused on Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence."


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