Our Homeland Security Solutions are designed to deliver comprehensive surveillance & control capabilities to cover the increasing demand of Governments of more security for citizens.

CEWIS (Cyber Electronic Warfare Integrated System) is designed to deliver a flexible asset with multi-sensor surveillance & control capabilities able to quickly address and adapt to different environments.

It is a combination of remotely controlled sensors that can be easily combined and configured to meet specific operational needs.

CEWIS consists of a C2 ground flexible platform, a variable number of ground mobile and fixed tactical sensor-stations, integrated with airborne unmanned (UAS) platforms.

CEWIS implements a technical and operational convergence between the surveillance and intelligence activities through Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) and the Lawful Interception operations by allowing the integrated ground and airborne execution of:

- Communications Intelligence (Unconventional COMINT)

- IMSI Catching, Wi-Fi Catching and Wireless Communication Exploitation

- Long range audio and video intelligence and surveillance

- Lawful digital interception and Network Intelligence

- Tactical Data Fusion and Correlation with Integrated Command&Control

- Platform tactical communication deployment using high bandwidth and resilient Meshed Networks

- Operation picture dissemination and Situation Awareness

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