QUIPO is an Advanced Intelligence Analytics Platform able to collect, analyse and transform heterogeneus data flows into strategic intelligence outcome in order to provide companies with the right information

QUIPO is specifically designed for the efficient management ofstructured data (database, spreadsheets, etc.) and unstructured data (documents, web pages, social data, reports, images, audio streams, video, etc.). 

It automates and augments the analysis activities combining multiple analysis modules (semantic analysis, entity extraction and link analysis, image tagging/face recognition, speech tagging, “anomalous behaviour” module) based on machine learningcognitive computingdeep learning approaches.

Its value drivers are: 

Higher Revenue

Better use of information assets (internal or external) enables richer and more comprehensive analysis allowing for more efficient tactical and strategic decisions

Cost Optimization

More effective real time access to external and internal information minimizes reputational risks, and a fraud and product development mitigates costs

Better Intelligence

A central platform, specifically designed to support the intelligence cycle, will help increase analysis and dissemination production per worker. Furthermore, the platform provides more deliverables for the company staff

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