Utilizing our specialists’ experience and expertise, we have developed a package of Cyber Security Services to increase your organization’s information security and minimize the impact in the event of a data breach.


It's not a matter of 'IF,' is a matter of “WHEN”.  The cost can be catastrophic and much more expensive compared to the cost of implementing a proper cyber security strategy.


A computer viruses making work practically impossible and threats your productivity. At the same time proving you are well protected against cyber threats inspire trust in your customers.


Decision-makers need to make bold decisions and feel confident that cyber strategy, defenses and recovery capabilities protect their business.


Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you, we fully support our customers through cyber defense strategy and governance.


Cyber security does not stand as a single problem, with one solution. It‘s a continuous battle. We offer a diverse range of cyber security services focused on our customers’ need to grant them long-term value for your business.


Our cyber experts protect many organizations with proven services and solutions for the full cyber security lifecycle.


One cyber-attacks could mean serious damage. Effective cyber security means higher growth possibilities of your business.



Our outsourced ISOC mission is to continuously monitor and improve our customers’ cyber security awareness giving a next generation cyber security monitoring and incident response capability.

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The Digital Emergency Response for Cyber Incidents

The first platform dedicated to all companies that guarantees fast and effective support in handling cyber incidents

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We can evaluate, validate and engineer your cyber resilience posture thanks to the abilities of our Cyber Security Experts in designing secured system suggesting tailored solutions or integrating the best practices coming from our experience in complex systems. 

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The combination of CY4GATE capabilities in the cyber domain and ELETTRONICA's assets in Electronic Warfare (EW), enables us to provide our clients with solid support in both the design and the development of Cyber Electromagnetic Attack systems and simulation models.


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