Prepare Your Cyber Mission!

DIGILAB is a strategic asset, dedicated to perform digital activities for platform and system analysis, vulnerability management, attack pattern engineering.

Standard Training Courses mean not Permanent Capability

Building up a lasting capability on all the aspects of Cyber Warfare can hardly be achieved by traditional education & training. These are not sufficient to establish a permanent capability.

Customized For Each Need means Higher Effectiveness

Every customer has his needs. Due to this, each DIGILAB is a unique mix of education, training, labs and continuos support to prepare the customer’s missions in the best way.

Multiple Teams Approach means Improvement of The Efficiency 

 Final goal of DIGILAB  course is to train all the teams (Penetration Testing team, Intelligence Team , Malware reversing and exploiting team, the Reversing team, The Malware Development team, the Crypto-analysis team) to understand how to approach each specific cyber mission and identify the right tools for each specific task.