Cyber Protection & Big Data Analysis

Thanks to our 70-year long experience in the military and intelligence fields we have designed unprecedented cyber intelligence and security solutions for corporates and companies



A-QUBE is an Advanced Intelligence Analytics Platform able to collect, analyse and transform heterogeneus data flows into strategic intelligence outcome in order to provide companies with the right information

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Real Time Analytics (RTA) is a cyber security monitoring and incident response solution that can ingest, normalize, enrich, analyze and index huge flows of events in real time, enabling the analyst to detect anomalies and establishes the conditions to rapidly strike back. 

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CY4GATE Academy provides recruiting, educational and training programs to address today’s needs in cyber intelligence, cyber security engineering, cybersecurity incident response and recovery, cybersecurity assessment.



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We can evaluate, validate and engineer your cyber resilience posture thanks to our ability in designing secured system suggesting tailored solutions or integrating the best practices coming from our experience in complex systems. 

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Our outsourced ISOC mission is to continuously monitor and improve our customers’ cyber security awareness giving a next generation cyber security monitoring and incident response capability.

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