• 26/11/2021, Corporate Press Releases

The Italian regulatory authority for energy, networks and environment (ARERA) signs an agreement with CY4GATE and INMATICA to test cyber security, incident response and decision support solutions

CY4GATE announces that, together with INMATICA has signed an agreement for cyber security, incident response and decision support products and services to be tested at the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA), including the integration of CY4GATE’s proprietary RTA and QUIPO technology to support ARERA in monitoring and deterring Cyber Attacks.

“The objective is to equip our systems with Italian technologies that can effectively monitor and defend the public administration’s infrastructures, drawing on new know-how that will usher in innovative cybercrime-fighting capabilities” Luca Lazza, Head of Information Systems at ARERA

“In CY4GATE we have found a reliable industry partner, one that expresses the full extent of its potential” noted Filippo Penelaggi, Founder of Inmatica.

“The agreement is yet another sign of the trust that our clients have placed and underscores the role that our company has taken on in the vast and complex national cyber security market,” remarked Emanuele Galtieri, CEO of CY4GATE.

You can read the press release here

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